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    mittlere Unternehmen (100 bis 1000 Mitarbeiter)

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    Elektro- und Medizinaltechnik, Optik

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    • Soudronic AG
    • Industriestrasse 35
    • 8962 Bergdietikon

Soudronic AG

Strong Customer Commitment and Superior Technology We develop, build and install superior resistance welding solutions for a variety of applications specific to the metal packaging industries. The range of products includes single components as well as comprehensive, turnkey manufacturing systems. Founded in 1953, Soudronic’s headquarters are located in Bergdietikon near Zurich. Today, the company employs a staff of around 600 people in its development and production facilities throughout the world. The company's sales and service network covers more than 120 countries, reflecting a large and globally spread customer base. Thanks to its sound financial basis, Soudronic remained independent throughout its 60 years of history. Highest engineering standards, long-lasting quality and maximum system efficiency are the basis of our outstanding reputation around the world. By investing a high percentage of our annual sales in research and development and in the continuous refinement of our products, we make sure that our systems represent state-of-the-art technology. An impressive number of long-term patents is proof for our high innovation rate. Although we are very meticulous about every single technological detail and quality aspect of our products, the needs of our customers are always in the center of our attention. Our customers typically do not invest in showroom equipment nor in technical gadgets. Quite the contrary is true: they are looking for maximum efficiency and flexibility, user-friendliness and a committed customer service. Working in an extremely competitive environment, they are keen on increasing productivity while further reducing reject rates and scrap material. And they often have to react quickly to changing market demands and therefore need to rely on a flexible production infrastructure. By providing tailor-made solutions to each and every customer, we have become a reliable partner of an increasing number of customers.

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