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Avionitec AG

History and Development 
The company was founded after a market study which showed that owners of small to mid-sized airplanes at Zurich airport and the nearby airfields were in need of an independent avionics shop.

During the first years we mainly carried out checks and bench repair of avionics equipment and only a few installation works. The majority of the activities was performed at Zurich airport and little at Birrfeld and other airfields.

Little by little we spread our activities as far as the French speaking part of Switzerland, namely Ecuvillens, and other smaller airfields throughout Switzerland. This and the fact that Zurich-Airport became unattractive to GA aircraft owner (lots of restrictions) led to the opening of our branch at Grenchen Regional Airport.

Gradually our activities changed to such a degree that today we perform well over 80 % installations on aircraft A1, A2, and helicopters A3 and relatively few repairs, one of the reasons being that fact that the newer generation of digital avionics systemes is not field repairable anymore. But until today we are glad to have our experienced instrument technician Ernst Keller to test, repair and calibrate the older analog instruments as well as the modern digital instrument systems.

Moreover, since Switzerland joined EASA, certification became very important and so we became experts in Aircraft Design and Certifications for GA Avionics Modification.

Avionitec AG

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